We have guest in the house! Let’s all welcome Emily Jennings. She is going to share  about  simple ways to Fix Your Tile Flooring.


Nothing spoils the look of a room more than when you look down and see damaged or even partially missing tiles that are in need of repair or replacement.

Broken tiles are not only ugly but they could be dangerous too, which is why this is a DIY job that really can’t wait.

Here is a look at ways to fix your tile flooring. There is a step-by-step guide to replacing a broken tile, plus tips on using nail polish as a quick fix or applying a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into your tiled floor.


Wear and tear

Floor tiles can often crack simply due to wear and tear, although if something heavy is dropped onto the surface, there is always the chance that this can crack or chip one or two tiles.

Whatever the cause of the damage you will want to get it fixed and return your floor to its previous state.

Hopefully, you will have kept a few spare tiles when you first did the installation, as replacing a single tile is clearly going to be much more cost effective than having to replace the entire floor.


What you will need

You might want to browse this site for some of the power tool accessories and other things you need to replace a tile, and that will include some safety goggles to wear when you are drilling into a tile.

Other tools and bits that you should have to hand before you start include a spirit level, power drill, chisel and some tile adhesive as well as grout.

The goggles are definitely a must-have when you consider that drilling into a tile could produce small shards that could fly in your face in some cases.


Simple steps

Replacing a broken tile should be straightforward. Start by chiseling out the old grout around the broken tile, then start to remove it by drilling a series of holes into the tile in order to break it up.

Drilling it will make it easier to remove as it will come away in sections. Scrape out as much of the old adhesive as you can and the re-apply some new adhesive ready for the replacement tile.

Make sure it sits flush and use the spirit level to ensure it is perfectly in line with the tiles around it, then apply some new grout to finish the job.


No need to replace

It might not be necessary to replace the tile if it has only got a small chip in it.

A good trick to try is to find a nail polish that closely matches the colour of the tile or mix some together to get it as close as possible.

Carefully dab a small amount of the nail polish onto the chipped spot and see how it looks. If you can’t really spot the repair without knowing where to look for it, you won’t need to replace the tile.


Bigger chips

Even if the chip in the tile is a bit bigger, it is still possible that you might be able to repair it rather than have to take it out and fit a new one.

You could try packing a larger hole in your tile with ceramic filler, then blend in the colours to make it look as inconspicuous as possible.

Other potential repairs that you could do before replacing one tile or the whole floor, include re-grouting to lift the look if the floor is looking a bit tired, or refreshing the tiles by painting them with an oil or urethane-based paint.


Emily Jennings shares her DIY and renovation tips and stories online. She is a DIY enthusiast who is renovating her own home, 1 room at a time.

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