Mistakes I made in Blogging

In this new episode, I wanted to share the mistakes I made in blogging. I felt I neglected this blog for a few months. I sometimes post once a month and there are months that I didn’t even bother posting. But actually behind the scene, I was busy making another blog sites and creating more Youtube videos. I thought making more blog sites would help earn income thru Adsense. I have been obsessed with Adsense that I forgot what is important. I lost track with my goals for this blogsite.

Blogging is like a tree. It needs time, constant attention and love in order for it to grow and bear fruits when the time is right.

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I was maintaining 4 sites which I think was a terrible idea.

These are my realization…

1. This blog started to fly few years back. I got more and more emails from advertisers each day. Just when I thought that it will be good to create another site, everything started to dive down. 

2. In order for a blog to earn, you must update it regularly like everyday or every other day to say the least. It must be at least 6 months old with again regular updates. Aside from that, the blog must have a substantial amount of visitors before you will be accepted to these so called advertising companies such as Google Adsense, Infolinks, Media.net. Because I was focusing my energy to building new sites, I forgot to maintain this site, of which started bringing in money. 

3. There are other advertising companies out there who pays better than Adsense. I know a blog that got 1 million views per month and earn four digits per month. You know what? Her Adsense income is actually the lowest.   If you got rejected by Adsense just stop the obsession if you are like me, and look around for other advertising companies.

4. Blogging takes so much of my time. I got burned just maintaining these sites and that is not happiness. Striking a balance with family and blogging is a big challenge for me. Then I realized what really matters  should be prioritize – Family. I have been blogging for like almost 7 years now. I love blogging. It is like a part of me. But I never really got to soar in the blogging world mainly because my family should come first. Let me get this straight, my point here is that if your family needs you, then close the laptop or desktop or gadgets (whatever you’re using). Never mind the statistics, your friends in the blog world will definitely understand. You still have a life in the real world. That’s why you see me here then later missing in action. This happens most of the time in the past 7 years. Why is this a blogging mistake? It is! When blogging becomes your priority over Family.

5. I stop being social. I stop connecting with my blog friends. I stop meeting new bloggers online.  Is that the end of my blogging career? No, not really. Though we need them to help our blogs grow and as a person as well. In a way that we learn new things from what other bloggers are sharing online.

6. Not staying in focus. If you are like me who doesn’t have extra hand better focus on just one blog and stop creating sites that later will just be neglected. With everything that I said above, I decided to mash all my other sites here. I will just focus on one blog, just this one. It might be messy around here in the next few days. I’ll keep that to the minimum.

Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with more than 1 blog. It actually boils down to your objectives or goals. If you mean business, then by all means be serious with it. Like any business does, you have to invest, hire manpower, get the logistics needed, learn the ins-outs, waking up early or sleeping very late, how to handle family time because I tell you it will really eat up your personal time, etc., etc.

This is all for now. I appreciate your time reading this post. Thank you.

 See you again next time.

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  • Katrina February 6, 2017, 5:15 pm

    I have started new blogs a few times, but they just never took. And I guess that’s because I didn’t keep them up, or try to promote them in any way. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my regular blog. I’m just going to focus on my one blog from now on. I have a hard time finding the time to do new posts. My kids keep me too busy. But I could never give it up – I just love blogging to much. I love sharing and reading what other people share.

    • Judy February 6, 2017, 6:25 pm

      Hi Katrina,
      Thanks for stopping by. I can relate with you. For mommies like us, it is a big challenge to find time and juggle everything. Because we love blogging and we have tight schedule focusing on just one blog would be a good idea to consider. See you around and nice to meet you :)

  • Ping February 21, 2017, 1:03 pm

    I was playing around opening up another blog while I couldn’t keep up with my current one. Really? I’m just sticking to one quality one for now as it works for me. That also gives me time to write in mine and read other blogs as well. Glad I came to yours:) Thanks for sharing this heartfelt post.

    • Judy March 3, 2017, 9:56 pm

      Hi Ping,

      That’s nice to know that you’re just keeping one blog. As the blog grows, there is this temptation to create another one. As I’ve said in the post, there’s really nothing wrong having multiple blogs but it’s about priorities and keeping up with the ever demanding work that comes with it. Thanks for stopping by Ping and glad to meet you :)


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