Everyone knows the benefits of fresh air and exercise, right? If you’re like a lot of people, you may be walking daily in an effort to stay healthy, vigorous, and vital. Great idea! We commend your dedication to good health. To make your exercise program even more effective, try some of the following apps that are bound to add comfort and safety to your daily exercise regimen.

Know where you’re going

If you’re into distance walking, you’ll want to know more about MapMyWalk. This sleek app not only helps you plan the perfect route, it also shows where you are, how far you’ve walked and how far to the conclusion of your mapped route. You can set MapMyWalk to keep track of how many calories you burn, monitor your heart rate, and note your average walking speed. Use this handy app for running and jogging, too. Upgrade from the free version to add geotags to selfies and scenic vistas you snap along the way. This feature makes it quicker and easier to share your walking adventures on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms, says Heartfully Heather magazine.

Helpful Apps to Make Your Daily Walk Safe and Comfortable

 Count steps and monitor progress

Runtastic is a fun to use app that can take you to the next fitness level in a hurry. Count your steps and inspire yourself to do better each day. Runtastic integrates with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media, offering motivation and encouragement from like-minded runners. Engage in friendly competition and see which of your friends can walk ten thousand steps first, recommend fitness gurus at Mera Bheja magazine.

Moves is another smartphone app for runners and fitness walkers. As a bonus, Moves works well for bicyclists, too. The included pedometer monitors the number of steps you take and doesn’t use a lot of battery juice while doing so. Easy to set up and even easier to use, Moves is available for Android devices at the Google Play store. Endomodo’s Running & Walking app is just right for martial artists, climbers, runners and others who wish to monitor their heart rate as well as calories expended during a certain activity. Intuitive and user-friendly, Running&Walking saves your workout statistics so you can keep track of your fitness progress.

Weather app to help you plan your daily walk

There’s nothing so frustrating as being caught in a sudden downpour when you’re taking your daily walk. Install and use Weather Live Free from the Google Play store, and you’ll always know what to expect when you take your morning or afternoon fitness walk. When you’re dressed appropriately, you may find yourself motivated to add a few more minutes to your daily routine. Find the helpful weather app at this link.

Getting in shape and staying that way is a much simpler process when you have the right collection of apps on your smartphone. Try a few out to find the ones that suit your personal exercise style.

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