Del Monte Fried Chicken 4 in 1 Mix


Hi everyone! We are going to review this Del Monte Fried Chicken 4 in 1 Mix. Inside the package, there are 4 small packs: marinade, batter, breading and gravy.

Del Monte Fried Chicken 4 in 1 mix

At the back of the packaging, there’s an instruction that serves as a guide. First, marinade the chicken overnight to really soak up the flavor.

Then, pour the breading on a plate and mix the batter with water. Before frying, dip the chicken into  the batter then coat with the breading.

It was tasty and yummy. We all loved it.  I think the result would be better if only I have the deep fryer basket. I just bought one last week, and I cooked breaded pork chop today, the result using the fryer basket was very desirable. Anyway, I will cook another set of fried chicken using this mix. Also, the gravy was pretty good. I can compare it to the ones we have at KFC, Jollibee or Shakeys.

Please watch the video how I did it.

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