Samsung NX-Mini with NX-M Mount Adapter

Hi friends, today I’ll be talking about my dearest camera the Samsung NX mini with NX-M mount adapter. The Samsung NX mini came with the 9-27 mm lens. The first lens that I had got damage, good thing it was still under warranty. After some time the replacement gave up too. I do not really know the problem but it could be the way I handle my camera inside my bag. I only have the cloth pouch to protect it. That’s why I bought this camera case to really protect the camera when it’is inside my bag.

NX 3000 camera case

You can purchase this camera case at the following affiliate links (Philippines:Lazada     International:  ebay   )

Instead of buying a new lens alone, I’d rather buy a new camera with lens that can also be used with my NX mini. Luckily, I found the NX 3000 camera Twin kit lens. It came with 16-50mm lens and 50-200mm lens. I bought it around $380. For me, it was a great deal because of the two lenses included in the package.

SAmsung nx3000 16-50mm lens and 50-200mm lens


There’s not much difference between NX mini and NX 3000. One of the big difference is the touch screen that the NX mini have. I love the vintage design of the NX3000. They are both beautiful cameras for under $500.

In order to use the lenses from the NX3000 to NX Mini I have to buy an adapter. The Samsung NX mini lens is smaller than the NX Lens thus the need for an adapter. With this adapter, I can use any lens from the NX camera series.

nx adapter

I bought this adapter in e-bay. You can purchase it here.  I was a bit hesitant to buy it in fear that it won’t work. It is working fine with my mini and I’ve never been this happy with its performance.

Top 4 reasons why I love these cameras:

1. Flip screen – very useful for travel, selfies and Youtube videos especially for make-up videos

2. Budget – less than $500 with a DSLR lens for the NX3000. The 9-27mm lens is not that bad too.

3. Light weight – easy to bring around.

4. Touch Screen – only for NX Mini.

Get the Samsung NX Mini here and NX3000 here.

Please watch the video for more details.


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