Leona’s Bakeshop Review

I was craving for some cakes and it was my birthday too. I wanted to try the cakes from Leona’s Bakeshop.
Hubby bought 12 slices of cake, 11 flavors. That makes a whole 9″ cake.
This is their cake display.
Leona's Bakeshop Review, A review of their cakes.
12 slices, 11 flavors. We will let you know our top picks at the bottom of this post.
Leona's Bakeshop Review. A review of their cakes. 12 slices, 11 flavors.

Great bonding time with our little girl. It was also her birthday.

We took a photo of each flavors that we bought and here they are…

Frosty Mint Delight @P46.00 per slice.
The flavor was indeed minty. We love the chocolate combination with the minty moist cake.
Leona's Bakeshop Frosty Mint Delight Cake @P46.00 per slice.
Japanese Cheesecake @P65.00 per slice
It was dense and we loved it so much.
Leona's Bakeshop Japanese Cheesecake @P65.00 per slice
Choco Fudge Cheesecake @P56.00 per slice
We did not try this yet.
Leona's Bakeshop Choco Fudge Cheesecake @P56.00 per slice
Leona's Bakeshop Choco Fudge Cheesecake @P56.00 per slice
Tiramisu @P77.00 per slice
Little girl just love this cake. It was her favorite cake.
Leona's Bakeshop Tiramisu @P77.00 per slice
Mango Mambo @P38.00
This has egg pudding in the middle. We think the price is very affordable for this yummy cake.
Leona's Bakeshop Mango Mambo @P38.00
 Chocolate Surprise @P50.00 per slice
We loved the taste of the chocolate. If I remember it right, this is like a combo of carrot and chocolate cake which was very delish!
Leona's Bakeshop  Chocolate Surprise @P50.00 per slice
The famous Red Velvet Cheesecake @P73.00 per slice
Though, we are not really a fan of red velvet but this cake did not fail. It was dense, moist and yummy.
Leona's Bakeshop  Red Velvet Cheesecake @P73.00 per slice
Oreo Cheesecake @P71.00 per slice
One of the go to flavor of little girl. Well, she got good taste. This cake was yummy too.
Leona's Bakeshop Oreo Cheesecake @P71.00 per slice
Mango Cake @P35.00 per slice
We still have to try this in the future.
Leona's Bakeshop Mango Cake @P35.00 per slice
Guava Cake @P35.00 per slice
 I wonder what this cake taste like.
Leona's Bakeshop Guava Cake @P35.00 per slice
Moist Chocolate Cake @P73.00 per slice
This cake was yummy as well.
Leona's Bakeshop Moist Chocolate Cake @P73.00 per slice
Ube Cake @ P35 per slice
 Judy loves Ube Cake that’s why I bought 2 slices. She said it was just so-so.
Leona’s Bakeshop should improve on this cake.
Leona's Bakeshop Ube Cake @ P35 per slice
Durian Cake @P43 per slice
We never tried Durian Cake before. This cake was superb. For all Durian lovers out there, you should try this cake.

Leona's Bakeshop Durian Cake @P43 per slice
Leona's Bakeshop Durian Cake. This is by far the yummiest Durian Cake we have tasted.
Choco Mocha Mouse @P43 per slice
This was also yummy.
Leona's Bakeshop Review. Choco Mocha Mouse @P43 per slice.This was also yummy.
Family’s Verdict: We love the cakes except the Ube Cake which was just too ordinary. We expected way better than what we have tasted. My wife got disappointed. I hope they improve it very soon. Nevertheless, the rest of the cakes are worth your money. They are moist, dense and delicious.
Our favorite was the Durian and Japanese Cake. It was like you are eating the real Durian fruit minus the smell. Little girl’s favorite was the Oreo Cheesecake and Tiramisu.
P.S. Leona’s Bakeshop never contacted us nor paid us to do this review. All opinions expressed in this post were purely our own. See disclosure policy here.

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Talk to you soon!

  • Vashti Q June 12, 2017, 4:36 am

    Hello Judy! First, I want to wish you a very happy birthday! Wow! That’s a lot of cakes and they all look so scrumptious. I’m sure you enjoyed the experience. :D xx

    • Judy June 21, 2017, 10:31 pm

      Hi Vashti,

      Thank you. Sorry, it took me awhile to respond. I don’t know why I was really craving for cakes after the birth of our 3rd child. Blame it on post pregnancy hormones? Yes, the cakes were yummy and this is from one of the popular pastry shop here in Cebu City, Philippines. Thanks for the visit Vashti.


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