I’ve never been to India but I find myself having fun watching their movies. One of my favorite is the 3 Idiots. I don’t have much idea about the place and this article is a good read to at least have a grasp of their life and history. If you are thinking of going there, you might find this article helpful.

Delhi’s Best Kept Secret

If you want to visit a place that’s peaceful and offers a magical atmosphere in Delhi, it has to be the Hauz Khas Fort or the Hauz Khas Village. While there are many historical attractions in the city of Delhi (being the capital city of India) that’s good enough to keep you busy for a week, Hauz Khas is one of the best-kept secrets of Delhi that’s worth a visit.

Hauz Khas Fort


The best thing about this village is that it’s centrally located and is a true center of alternate culture. It primarily offers a serene rural environment, but you can also get the feel of the urban environment with different contemporary restaurants and stores. So, let’s see what’s in store for you at the Hauz Khas Fort once you have landed in Delhi by cheap flights from Bangalore to Delhi.

  • Take a Metro and head to Siri (built on the ruins of an ancient city) that features some of the medieval buildings and the historical charm seen around the village.
  • The village is filled with urbane restaurants, some wacky cafes and even luxury retail stores attracting the urban population.
  • Have fun at the Green Park that surrounds Hauz Khas or at the Gulmohar Marg that gives you a picturesque environment towards the north. You can also take a walk along the Sri Aurobindo Marg or the Asiad Village that’s towards the east.
  • Take a walk down, and you can even spot the house of the famous ex-cricketer Virendra Sehwag.
  • Given that it’s named after the medieval water reservoir that has the same name, you can also visit the large reservoir which was originally built by the Khilji dynasty emperor, Allauddin Khilji. This large water tank was built to supply water to those living in the Siri Fort.
  • Hauz Khas also offers a place to stay for various diplomats from countries like Macedonia, Iraq, Burundi, Albania and Guinea Bissau.
  • Once you have booked book cheap flights from Bangalore to Delhi and reached Hauz Khas, you can take a quick stroll or a guided tour around the Deer Park that’s filled with greenery and watch several animals such as, deer, rabbits or peacocks freely roaming around.
  • Take advantage of the Yatra trip by taking a heritage walk around and learning more about the mosques, historical tombs or the monuments that depict a story from the ancient India.
  • Chor Minar is another monument that’s worth a watch if you visit Hauz Khas. It’s believed that during the rule of Allauddin Khilji (between 1290 AD and 1320 AD), a burglary was heinous crime. If you were caught, there was no escape. The burglars would be sent to the small monument that had no torture chambers or hanging ropes but was far more petrifying. The thieves would be first hanged and then beheaded. The worst part was when the severed head would be pierced with a spear and would be placed on a public display at one of the many (225) vents on the Chor Minar screaming “do not steal” through a deadly silence.

Some stories also say that Khilji filled the holes of the Chor Minar and some other monuments with the heads of the Mongolian army (8000) who had once attacked the Khiljis. While it stands in silence today in the Hauz Khas Enclave, its gory past does talk a lot about it through its deadly vents.

  • Although Hauz Khas was once a center for alternate food, fashion, music, and art, you still have a lot to explore with the different shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes or the creative studios. You can enjoy the trip even more with a guided trip booked through Yatra.
  • Antique emporiums, galleries, designer stores and the trendy retail shops are some of the other attractions in the recent times.

So, book cheap flights from Bangalore to Delhi and head over to the Hauz Khas Fort to get the feel of that old atmosphere in the center of Delhi.

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