For some, it’s a man cave. For others, it’s a way to live with parents in a tolerable fashion. For many, the basement is that added room in the home to transform as one wishes. It can entertain guests, serve as an office, or house the toys of small children. Regardless, everyone wants to make the most of their basement.


The Home Office

 A subterranean spot is not a high-rise corner office but it’s better than having to ‘go’ to work at all. It’s priceless to make a living from your home, so who cares that it’s in the basement? If it’s the least traveled place in your home, get some sort of use out of it. Actually, rather than waste money paying rent or mortgage on unused space, make a full or part-time income there. Ask an experienced accountant how to deduct from your taxes due to a home office.


Invite Some Friends

 It gets lonely as you get older. Friends grow distant unless you make an effort to invite them over. Transform the basement into an extra bedroom. Now you have plenty of room for friends and family members to stay for a brief or extended period.



Bring On the Games

Kids dream of having an arcade and game-room in their future home. By the time most get older, they exchange that game-room for a library, home office, or playroom. Don’t forget your childhood wishes. Bring on the games and create an official play area for people of all ages. Rent or buy arcade games, designate a board game area, and don’t allow maturity to limit the room’s potential.



Cigar/Wine Tasting Area

 Opposite from above, you may have matured well beyond your years and prefer a place for friends to enjoy fine wine and cigars. You’ll need a well-constructed bar area as well as a place for invites to relax and stay awhile. Taking things further, hire a bartender and start hosting ‘casino nights.’



Get Crafty

 Thousands make a side income selling items on the Internet. Try your hand at a new or old hobby, crafting wreaths, seasonal gifts, and personalized items. Use a platform like Etsy to feature and sell creations. As you gain business traction, you’ll find benefit in purchasing resources in bulk. The basement becomes your work station and warehouse. Who knows how large the enterprise can get?



Bulk Up

 You’re always talking about losing weight, looking like the celebs, and maintaining your health. Regardless of your target weight and fitness goals,  you’ll need a place to exercise. Why leave the home when you can break a sweat in the basement? Invest in cardio equipment, punching and kicking bags, as well as a range of free weights.



Call All the Kids

 Whether it’s a playroom for one or an official after school babysitting center, the basement could take care of little ones. If you have kids, there’s no escaping the army of toys and their need to exert energy. The basement muffles the noise little kids tend to create as well as serves as a toy chest to keep belongings. Hopefully, most of the mess never makes it up the stairs!


Get a Roommate

 Some need a bit more money to maintain the same zip code. Why stress when you could make more by adopting a roommate? Renovate the basement and think about adding a separate entrance. You may need legal counsel in ensuring you meet all requirements to house a paying tenant. Furthermore, allow professionals to protect your foundation and ensure the area is protected from weather and age.



Start Jamming

 Perhaps you play an instrument but have no place to play. Research ways to soundproof a basement and start a band, or at least get practicing. If you’re set on making added cash, charge a local band to rent the space or an area music teacher to host lessons there.



Read the Classics

 You always wanted to read Moby Dick but you wanted to be sitting in a leather chair inside your own library. Now you have the chance to build the library you always wanted. Sure, you could have an entire digital library that fits in the palm of your hand. But there are those who still love the feel of paper and prefer owning a physical book.



Teen Hangout

 Lay down bean bags, put in lava lamps, and invite teens to hang in your home. Some think such an idea is ludicrous, yet other parents like knowing where their young teen is spending free time.


About our Guest:

Chelsea Sykes is a Mom who is a little addicted to DIY and home renovation. Her latest project was the basement which she has turned into a playroom for her three kids.

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  • Adrian at ninjaDIY December 25, 2017, 8:49 pm

    Hey Judy, congrats on your post … it really gave a few ideas for my DIY projects.

    The “Bring on the games” it looks stunning, I am a big boy so I would probably share that room with my baby girl :)

    Thanks for sharing!


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