Maja Blanca with Latik


Hi friends! I will be sharing once again another Maja Blanca recipe but this time with “Tagalog latik”. By the way, just a little FYI for everyone. There are two types of “latik” according to Mr. Wikipedia. In the Visayan region it refers to a syrupy caramelized coconut cream (coconut caramel) used as a dessert sauce. In the northern Philippines, it refers to solid byproducts of coconut oil production (coconut curds), used as garnishing for a variety of desserts.


Maja Blanca is a Filipino dessert made from coconut milk. You may find my old Maja Blanca recipe here.  This is one of the popular dessert here in the Philippines. You may find this being serve in birthdays, fiesta, special events or at any big carenderia.



Maja Blanca with Latik


  • 1 cup water
  • 500ml Coconut Cream
  • 425g Cream Style Corn
  • 2/3 cups Sugar (You may add a little to adjust the sweetness.)
  • 3/4 cups Cornstarch
  • 2 cups Coconut Cream (for the latik)


Step 1
Combine all ingredients except for the 2 cups coconut cream. You may taste the mixture and adjust the sweetness accordingly.
Step 2
In medium heat, let it boil. Stirring continuously.
Step 3
Stir until mixture gets thick
Step 4
Transfer to a rectangular container. Shake it a bit. Using a spatula, level the mixture. Let it cool.
Making the Latik.
Step 5
Using a non-stick pan, in medium heat, pour the coconut cream. Let it boil. Stir occasionally.
Step 6
Keep cooking until it turns golden brown. You may need to lower the heat around this time to avoid burning the latik.
Step 7
Add it on top of the Maja Blanca. Enjoy!

Save this recipe for later or share with family and friends :D

maja blanca

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