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Hi! I am Judy, the woman behind Pursuit of Functional Home.

I am a Cebu  Mommy Blogger.

Before I start, just a word of caution. You will be taken to 19forgotten pictures of me. 


 I grew up surrounded with boys. I have 2 brothers and most of my cousins are boys. I played basketball, baseball, boxing and all other games together with my cousins. Neighbours thought I am a tomboy. lol.

I love dancing. I grew up dancing with friends. We performed at fiestas or school dance competition. I was dancing with my little brother in this photo. We both love dancing. Gosh, just look at that outfit! I am covering my face right now while you are reading this.

Judy dancing f

Okay, this is really getting embarrassing. But anyway, let us proceed. Next, this was taken in one of our youth organization retreat. It was a fun experience being with friends.  Look at me, so innocent and young. haha.

judy surprise

Time pass and my adulthood was of course different from my teen years. I can support myself now. More confident than ever.  Still in love with dancing…Okay, I just love this photo. A great remembrance of my old sexy booody :)

judy with rose and gen f

Taken during one of our company’s general assembly.

Then a few years later, I got married to a generous, understanding & loving husband – my office mate.

judy and buddy

So, our journey together has begun 7 years ago and we are happily married to one another, still are up to this very moment. We have two cute and lovable kids. Another chapter of our lives, that opened to a whole new meaning of life.

Now, after for so many years of being a working girl since high school, we’ve decided that I stop working and focus more on our kids. At first, it was difficult but later on I got adjusted and loving motherhood. I’ve never been so happy in my career. This is by far the best career ever.

This blog was born because I was inspired to share my creations to others. We just moved to Singapore at that time and our rented flat needs a lot of beautifying and repair. Thus, the blog name Pursuit of Functional Home.

Having two kids at home, organizing and cleaning is really a big chore for us. But you see, we are creating memories. We let them play the whole day then I clean during night time while my husband look after the kids. It is teamwork.  Everyday is a challenge. Every morning our kitchen looks like it was hit by a tornado. At least, my little girl picks up and put away her toys and sometimes help me with the cleaning.

Okay, did I already bore you about my personal life? haha. Don’t worry there’s more :)

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That’s a lot of information! I hope you enjoyed reading my super about me page. haha.

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