This Page is a list of blog tricks and tips that helped me build my site from scratch to what it is now. I am sharing this to you so that you would benefit from it too. Some of these are links that will lead you to another website. I know a lot of newbies out there who are lost in building their own site. If you have any questions, you may use thecontact me form anytime and I would be glad to receive your queries or anything that I can be of help. I will respond to you as soon as I can. I am using Blogger. Some of this tutorials might not work in WordPress.

How to add Author info below post in  Blogger
My Blogger Tricks

How to make a Blog button

How to prevent photos from being pinned

How to install “you might also like”
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HOw to install fonts to your computer

How to Res-ize Buttons

How to put advertise here button

How to back-up your Subscriber’s list

How to Back-up Blogger Blog

How to Turn Off Word Verification in Blogger

How to Create a Photo Gallery with Image Links

Another way to create a Photogallery in Table Form

How to fix a no-reply-blogger (Blogger)

How to Permanently Add a social media buttons and icons in blogger post

5 Realities of Blogging+Tips
5 Realities of Blogging+Tips

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