Mistakes I made in Blogging

In this new episode, I wanted to share the mistakes I made in blogging. I felt I neglected this blog for a few months. I sometimes post once a month and there are months that I didn't even bother posting. But actually behind the scene, I was busy making another blog sites and creating more Read More

Update on Media.Net

Hi Everyone! Here's my earnings update in Media.net. It has been over a month since I posted Media.net Alternative to Google Adsense post. I started using it in February and from the table below, it has the highest earnings so far at $6.39 at 14,823 impressions. In March, I only got $1.83 at 28,903 impression Read More

Media.net Alternative to Google Adsense

Since I changed my country address from Singapore to Philippines, I have to close my existing Google Adsense. I tried re-applying but they rejected my application several times even though I was an existing publisher. I was so frustrated and sad. I have tried other advertising platform but it turned out not earning any for Read More

We Achieved our Goal in 2013

My heart is still racing. I just can't believe it. I have to check it multiple times if what I am seeing is true. One of our goal in 2013 is to have a Page Rank 1 by the end of 2013. Just 5 mins ago, I checked our site's PR status without any expectations Read More

Free Image Backgrounds – Polka Dots

Hi friends, I just finished making some lovely polka dots image backgrounds. Are you a fan of polka dots?...me too.  In fact, we had a polka dots birthday party with my daughter 2 years ago. So, here are 10 image backgrounds that you can use at any occasion. You can use this as a background Read More

August Newsletter

Hi everyone! I would like to share with you our August Newsletter just in case you miss some post we had in August. Please stay a little while :) Monthly Newsletter From Pursuit of Functional Home View this email in your browser Facebook Twitter Website Google Plus Pinterest YouTube Featured Post: It is so nice Read More

Blogging Tips from Bloggers

So you want to start a blog or been blogging and don't know your goals yet? Here are some great blogging tips from Bloggers who have been in your shoes. Blogging is quite daunting especially if you are very new and have no idea where or how to start. There are a lot of things Read More

Free Blog Planner II

Hello Friends, I am excited to let you know that I have added 2 new sheets in my first blog planner. You can read about my first free blog planner here. Password and Username Sheet. This is very useful to me as I tend to forget my passwords and usernames easily. I have about 26 Read More

How to Create A Gallery using Inlinkz

Hi Everyone! Today, I am going to teach you how to create a gallery using inlinkz. If only I have known this before, I would surely not spent so many hours using other codes out there that was really a pain in my eyes. I made a gallery aka categories (DIY, Crafting, etc.) which you Read More

Why I Moved to WordPress Part 1.

It was very easy and user friendly to set up a blog using Blogger. As my blog grows, I realized that I needed to do more and make my design better. Blog design is also important as we know it. It is how you represent yourself and you are creating a first impression to your Read More

Hi everyone, I just learned that comments get indexed and you get a back link from the comments you did to other sites. Many inbound links can help improve your rank in search engines, and can serve as a measure of a site's reputation... Multiple links from the same site are only counted once. (from Alexa.com) Read More

Hi Friends :D It is time for some spring cleaning! It is summer here in Singapore and we are reaching 33 degrees. Phew! quite hot. Something BIG and good will happen to Pursuit of Functional Home Blog. As you may know, I have another blog which is Kusina Ni Inday where I share my recipes Read More

12 Tips on How to Guest Post

Hi everyone, This is related to my post - 5 Benefits of Guest Posting. My first guest post turned alright but looking back at it I realized that I missed some important points.  Here are some tips that I believed might help you start with your guest posting journey. I wanted to share it so Read More

5 Benefits of Guest Posting

I hope everyone is having a great day. I am going to share about the benefits of guest posting. So far, I guest posted to 2 lovely bloggers ( Karen from The Feral Turtle and Kate from Chic on a Shoestring Decorating).  It was an awesome experience. Did I get a visit from their readers Read More

  Hello Fantastic Readers, Another tutorial that I just learned in my pursuit to have a better looking blog. I just thought that I can gain more followers and subscribers by putting my buttons in every post I make. Aside from the buttons at my sidebar. Yes, you can add social media buttons or icons Read More

height="150" width="150" src="IMAGE SOURCE URL" alt="IMAGE/POST DESCRIPTION" /> Here are my popular post Photo Gallery. Feel free to click them. Tip: Always work in HTML mode when filling the necessary field in the code. Trust me, save yourself from confusion.   Don't forget to PIN It so you can always go back and check this Read More

Have you thought of backing-up your blog? hmmm, No?  Maybe this is the right time. We will never know what will happen to our beloved blog. Just like what happened to my blog that was hit by a malware. I could not published my blog to public to prevent spreading the virus. But I never Read More

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