Funny Video – Make-up in 10 Seconds!

Good Morning Friends from South East Asia and Good evening to all my friends in the US, Europe and Australia! Have you had a dose of laughter today? I am going to show you a funny video that really made me laugh. Who knows this can be done in the future. If only we can Read More

Funny Images IV

Good Day Everyone! How was your day so far? Oh I just can't wait to share some funny photos with qoutes to you. Life is so ironic isn't it?   As a Mom, I can totally relate to this.   Kids are smarter these days.   Hahahaha...I just want my baby to be healthy.   Read More

Hilarious Dogs

Hey, hey Happy Monday everyone! It is time to take our all organic and natural medicine - laughter. I have found some hilarious dogs images that will totally crack you up. They are so darn cute. Love them. Enjoy!   source:  source source source source source source source I hope you enjoyed today's featured hilarious dogs Read More

Funny Images

Alright Friends it is another week of sharing some laugh. I just love what I found and can't wait to share it with all of you. Enjoy the funny images below. Share it in twitter, FB, or Google + if these really made you laugh. (source) This is the moment when your cat wants to Read More

Funny Conversation with Kids

I just love kids conversation. It is hilarious and brutally honest. Sometimes they give the best advice of all. Ready for some funny conversation with kids? Alright, let's get it on! --------------from GSwinnie source A few weeks ago we were watching a speech the President was giving and out of the blue my 4.5 year Read More

Funny Conversation 2

Here are some hilarious stories I've been reading this past few days and I wanted to share the happiness. Enjoy!   ----------------------------------------------- Grandma's Boyfriend One day, a 7 year old boy went to visit his grandmother. Playing with his toys in her bedroom while grandma was dusting, he looked up and said: "Grandma, why don't Read More

Funny Phone Conversation

Hi Friends, How was your Monday so far? I hope it went well. It's Don't Forget to Smile series once again! Before the Monday ends, let's have some laugh. I found some funny phone conversations and I just thought of sharing it with you all. Enjoy! source source source source source Thank you so much Read More

Funny Conversation with Kids

I just love to share and read funny conversation with kids. They are brutally honest and they crack me up even at the simplest conversation.  Let's get started. I asked my daughter..Me: Why are you so hard-headed?Tricia: because I have bones on my head.Me: (thinking) then I said yeah, right. Some funny conversation with my daughter Read More

Funny Photos

Oh Monday! Why is it hard to get up during this time of the week. Lift your spirit and start your day smiling. Here are some funny photos that I found in the net. Enjoy. LITERALLY...   Credit: All photos above are from this site Read More

Brain Teaser

NO PEEKING AHEAD! Just follow these instructions, and answer the questions one at a time. Now, arrow down (but not too fast, you might miss something). Think of a number from 1 to 10. Multiply that number by 9.   If the number is a 2-digit number, add the digits together. Now subtract 5. Determine Read More

Funny Photos and Quotes

Hello everyone! How's your Monday so far? I hope everything is well. It is time once again for our Don't Forget To Smile#21 Series. Below are some funny photos and quotes for you to enjoy. Have a break or jump start your week with some good laugh, smiling face and a light heart. Enjoy! having fun Read More

Funny Quotes

It is time for our Don't forget to Smile#21. Here are a few funny quotes that will leave you smiling.  Enjoy and please come back next week, Monday. I know I am not the only one who feels the same way as what this image is telling us.     All images are from this siteHad fun? How Read More

Funny Conversation

Teacher and Students  Funny Moments

Hi everyone! Happy Monday!!! I found below funny conversation  from this site. Kids are just hilarious.  You see, kids give you the most honest answers without hesitation. Sometimes, they are most logical thinker than adults.  They give good advice too. Don't you agree? Do you talk to your children? do you have funny conversation that Read More

Don’t Forget to Smile#18

Hi everyone, Happy MOnday! Let's have some good laugh before we start our day. Enjoy See you next Monday!  Have a great week everyone Read More

Don’t Forget to Smile #16

Hey you, yeah you stop right now. Let's have some good laugh before we start our Monday. source source source source source source Let us be Connect and be Friends Read More

Don’t Forget to Smile# 14

Hello Everyone,Here's a funny video of Asians at Work by JinnyboyTV. Enjoy Read More

Don’t Forget to Smile # 13

Welcome to our Don't Forget to Smile # 13. I am sorry If I have not updated this series for a while to give way to our Pin It Monday Hop. Hey, hey, hey it is back now. Without further ado, let's have some good laugh. What is the moral of the story Read More

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