Glasses Shop Review

I received a sample product from for my review. Any links below does not contain any affiliate links. Though I was given a product, all opinions stated here are all my own. offers cheap glasses as well as prescription eyeglasses online. I received my sunglasses just in time for our family vacation. It was Read More

Funny Valentine’s Pick-up Lines

Now that Valentine's day is just a couple of days from now. We thought we'll give you some funny Valentine's Pick-up lines that you can share with your special someone. It may sound cheesy or corny but definitely both of you will smile or laugh even. Isn't that nice? Plus some romantic movie funny dialogue Read More

Top Places To Visit In Cebu

Top Places To Visit In Cebu After Metro Manila, Cebu city is considered to be the next biggest or most developed city in the Philippines. With many establishments that can typically be seen in commercially developed areas, Cebu has long gone urban while keeping its rural charm and provincial appeal. If you are planning to Read More

Typhoon Haiyan Relief Good Operation Update

We had a donation drive last month for the Typhoon "Haiyan" victims in the northern part of Cebu, Philippines. We were able to generate US$120 plus P1,000.00. All in all in Peso we had P5,820.00 which we donated to the team of Mary Ty. They are private individuals who have been going to the northern Read More

Earthquake in Cebu and Bohol Islands

This is just a very quick post about our situation here in Cebu. There was a lot of destruction after a 7.2 earthquake hit Bohol and Cebu Islands. The hardest hit is Bohol Island where the epi-center was located. It was around past 8 in the morning (Tuesday) when the earthquake struck. I was sitting Read More

Funny Video – Make-up in 10 Seconds!

Good Morning Friends from South East Asia and Good evening to all my friends in the US, Europe and Australia! Have you had a dose of laughter today? I am going to show you a funny video that really made me laugh. Who knows this can be done in the future. If only we can Read More

Indoor Family Picnic

My daughter kept on asking me to have picnic outside. She asked me to get a basket, well, I just complied. She put her food toys in it and grabbed her favorite comforter. She was walking around the whole flat and every time she's in the kitchen where I was at the moment. She kept Read More

Funny Images IV

Good Day Everyone! How was your day so far? Oh I just can't wait to share some funny photos with qoutes to you. Life is so ironic isn't it?   As a Mom, I can totally relate to this.   Kids are smarter these days.   Hahahaha...I just want my baby to be healthy.   Read More

Hilarious Dogs

Hey, hey Happy Monday everyone! It is time to take our all organic and natural medicine - laughter. I have found some hilarious dogs images that will totally crack you up. They are so darn cute. Love them. Enjoy!   source:  source source source source source source source I hope you enjoyed today's featured hilarious dogs Read More

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