Tinkerbell and Prince Charming Costumes

My little girl had been asking me to make her a Tinkerbell costume for so long. Good for her, the hardworking side of me kicked in a few weeks before her cousin's princess birthday party. I was very excited to make it and planned to share it with you. I documented everything using my camera Read More

Organizing Sewing Materials

Organizing Sewing Materials - Easy and fun! One of my goal in year 2013 and even up to now is to be organized in everything. I know it is a lot of hard work and perseverance but it is also fun. It makes me feel good after organizing my things. So, I guess it is Read More

New Look 6016 Kids Convertible Dress

Hi Friends, It has been a very long time I haven't sew a thing. I have this kids's dress pattern from New Look 6016 - Simplicity that has been hiding in my sewing/craft box for a very long time. It's been in my to-do list like forever.  Now, I have the will to really sit Read More

Heart Pillow

Hello! Good day my Friends!I am glad that I finally took the time to sew a simple Heart Pillow. Things I need:Felt Fabric4 big hearts6 small heartspillow case patternsewing machine put the pattern on top and cut giving allowance for the seam. Back fabric should be at least 4" longer for the overlap. Place the Read More

Checkered Dress

Hello! Good day my Friends! I sew another dress from the New Look Pattern 6968 size 12. This time I made the dress A. For the  sleeves I used the pattern from dress D. So far, the process was a bit easier than the first dress I made. You may see it here. The fabric Read More

The Infinity Dress

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Tutorial: The Infinity Dress

Good Day Everyone!Looking for a dress that is within your budget this holiday season? or you have a Dinner and Dance party coming up and don't know what dress you should wear?. I bet this is one of the cheapest choice and a must have. This does not require professional sewing machine nor should be an Read More

My First dress using New Look Pattern 6968

Good day My Friends!I wanted to share with you my first dress using New Look Pattern. I have to admit  that I am not pro in sewing. I learned dress making way back in high school and thats it. I hardly even remember some of the techniques our teacher taught  us. When I started sewing Read More

Re-fashioned Maternity Gown

Hello Everyone!I just want to share my re-fashioned maternity gown. This was the gown provided by the hospital when I gave birth to my baby girl last 2008. The floral design captured my attention and it is a very meaningful gown. I used old black t-shirt of my hubby as my skirt. This was one Read More

Making a throw pillow cover 2

Good day Everyone!Today, I am going to post another tutorial on how to make a throw pillow cover. I did a tutorial on this before but since I am making a bunch of new throw pillow case, I might just document it again.1. Measure the fabric. Leave 1/2 inch for the seam. The back cover Read More

Hi everyone!Today, I will be  sharing with you how to re-cycle old T-shirts to make longsleeves shirt for my baby. Here I used my hubby's T-shirt  because its big. As long as you know how to sew,  you will be fine with this project. So, read on for the process.Step 1.Lay down old T-shirt (wrongside). i forgot Read More

How To Sew a Tube Dress

hi everyone,i have been very busy with sewing lately. here's another DIY using my existing tank top to make a tube dress. cut the tank top from end to end of the arm hole prepare your fabric of choice. for a large size, 1 meter  is enough. wrap it around your waist  and measure your desired  fit Read More

DIY: how to make a throw pillow case

Hi everyone!I bought a throw  pillow from my ever  beloved thrift store and got it for 1sgd. i dressed it with pink stripes envelope style casing. So, here are the procedures.... measure fabric. for the front give at least 1" for the seam  all sides.  the back side should be longer than the front for overlaping and don't Read More

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