FREE Minecraft Costume Printables

It's almost halloween and we know what that means children! Well, of course aside from visiting our lost loved ones. It's that time once again that we pull out our ever beloved costumes. For mothers out there who have kids who are into Minecraft, I've got something for you. I already added the STEVE Minecraft Read More

Free Image Backgrounds – Polka Dots

Hi friends, I just finished making some lovely polka dots image backgrounds. Are you a fan of polka dots? too.  In fact, we had a polka dots birthday party with my daughter 2 years ago. So, here are 10 image backgrounds that you can use at any occasion. You can use this as a background Read More

Free Printables – ABC Background

Hi Everyone! Here's another Free Printables - ABC background for all my email subscribers to enjoy. I have included a PDF and images files. The size is 8x11 portrait and landscape.     If you haven't subscribe to my monthly newsletter, you can enter your email address here. Our printables is updated every month so Read More

Weekly Menu Planning Printable

Good day friends! I never do meal planning until recently. I have to get organize with the food I prepare for my family.  I hate those moments when I keep on asking myself what to cook for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. I have seen the importance of meal planning and having a printed sheet Read More

Free Blog Planner II

Hello Friends, I am excited to let you know that I have added 2 new sheets in my first blog planner. You can read about my first free blog planner here. Password and Username Sheet. This is very useful to me as I tend to forget my passwords and usernames easily. I have about 26 Read More

Free Image Background III

Hello Friends! We have new image backgrounds just for you! Not just 1 but 9 image backgrounds for you to enjoy. The nicest thing about this is that it is all yours. I have been working on patterns and trying hard to decipher the world of pattern designing. I am having fun creating with patterns Read More

Free Background Images 2

Hi Everyone! I am so happy once again to share another free background images. This graphic image comes in Red, Black, Green. If you want to have it in different color ,size or orientation, I can change it for you. The size is 8"x11" portrait. Again, you can use this as background for your blog Read More

Free Blog Planner Printable

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Free I0 Image Background

Hi Friends, I am very excited and so  happy to give these lovely backgrounds that I made myself.  You can use it as background to your blog, home or office  labels, blog header, blog button, blog planner, diary, party invitations, just whatever you like.   These are in Jpeg image files and the standard size Read More

Two more days to go! This is really last minute but it is not too late yet. I am sharing Six Free Father's Day cards and printables for all my readers. I am very excited co'z these are my first ever printables that I published.  The sizes of these cards and printables are 8x11. Although Read More

This is a round up of Free Printables and Craft Ideas for Father's Day that were submitted by 7 Bloggers in Pin It Monday Hop (Pinterest Party) . It is never too late to prepare something for our special Man, Dad &  Grand Pa.  Enjoy!     FREE PRINTABLES Barb of Second Chance to Dream Read More

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