40 Annoying Things Women Do To Men

// // // I have been reading a lot of complaints about how our husband annoy us and I am pretty sure we can list more than 10 in less than a minute. But today, I am going to share 40 Annoying Things women do to men. I have asked some friends (single and married Read More

Rules in Marriage

Hi Everyone,    Today, I will not share any recipes with you. I am going to share about our rules in marriage.               What? rules?    I wouldn't say that we are a perfect couple co'z we are not. We have our own shortcomings. We have our own complaints from Read More

My Cute Little Assistant

Hi Everyone! It is so nice to look at how your little girl do some small household chore. A simple request from her and she did it eagerly with a smile. This is outside our flat. We are on the 10th floor. I sometimes hang clothes here. Mostly, I hang clothes inside. This is another Read More

Hello Friends,I did my first guest post at The Feral Turtle. I am so excited to share it with you all, my precious Friends. I wrote that post to remind me about things that is also worth doing at home on Valentine's day. I hope that it will help you in anyway. Send Karen some L-O-V-E.10 Read More

21 Reminders from your Child

Hello! Good day my Friends! A lot of us are parents and I know what it feels especially when we sometimes don't understand the behavior of our kids. Also, we are very concern and anxious about how to discipline them, ensuring that they will they grow into a fine adult.  Sometimes we feel that we don't Read More

Bundle of Joy

Hello! Good day my Friends! This will be the first time to present to you the joy of our lives. Meet Tricia (4yrs old) and Dave (4.3 mos old). Life is busier than ever. I was on Ceasarian operation under general anesthesia. It was my choice to go for CS due to my spine problem. The Read More

Pregnancy Update: 33 weeks

Hello! Good day my Friends!I am now on my 33 weeks. I am feeling really heavy and slightly swollen. I also noticed that my hands are feeling some numbness. Sometimes when I wake up during my sleep to pee, both my hands feels slightly painful while I try closing it. During this time, I sometimes Read More

Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

Hi friends and guests :)I am already on my 31st week!!! 2 more months to go. As confirmed by my Ob, we are going to have a Baby Boy soon.  My little boy moves like he is having a circus inside my tummy hehe...Some of my friends who have a baby boy said that boys Read More

Explorer Kid @ Ang Mo Kio

 Hello! Good day my Friends! We want our 3.4 year old be entertained and hopefully exhaust her super high energy at least once a week. We normally go to Singapore zoo but I wanted a different setting, if possible, every week. I read about explorer kid at Ang Mo Kio Hub and gave it a Read More

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