Weekly School Outfits

Oh, I hate those times when I can't decide which outfit I should wear for school. Allow me to help you with your school outfit dilemma. Here's my weekly school outfits (Monday - Saturday) guide. I plan to make this a weekly series so stay tune next week for another collection. Don't forget to Pin Read More

How to Cook Pork Sinigang – Easy

Pork Sinigang 2

Hi Friends, This is another recipe that is loved by Filipinos. Pork Sinigang is a little sour but taste so good especially when it's really hot.  Source. Sinigang is a Filipino soup or stew characterized by its sour and savory flavor most often associated with tamarind(sampalok). It is one of the popular viands in Philippine cuisine.    Other variations are  Sinigang sa Miso (Miso Sinigang) Sinigang Read More

TOP 10 Post Features from PIMH #20

Hello Friends! What a crazy week for us! I hope every one has great week so far. It's time once again to share our favorite post from Pin It Monday Hop #20. Thank you so much for sharing your creations and inspirational post with us. As always, it is an awesome experience to witness your Read More

Super Easy Prime Rib BBQ

Hi Beautiful Friends! It is so nice to share another recipe that you can cook in 30 mins. This is my version of  Super Easy Prime Rib BBQ. All you  need to have are BBQ sauce (any brand will do), prime rib, oven toaster or grill and pressure cooker (Optional but great if you have. This Read More

How to Bake Empanada

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// // // This is one of our favorite pastry - Empanada. There are different version of Empanadas in many countries. I love adding 1-2 thin strips of cheddar or Quick melt cheese. I don't add hard boiled egg into it because I'm afraid it will get spoil fast. The tedious part is the dicing Read More

Funny Images IV


Good Day Everyone! How was your day so far? Oh I just can't wait to share some funny photos with qoutes to you. Life is so ironic isn't it?   As a Mom, I can totally relate to this.   Kids are smarter these days.   Hahahaha...I just want my baby to be healthy.   Read More

LIVE! Pin It Monday Hop #21

Welcome to Pin It Monday Hop # 21!   1 Rule, 1 Party, 4 Blogs Please follow your Host and Co-hosts. If you are feeling extra super nice you can always follow us on all our social media sites. It would be great if you can tweet and or share it in FB :) We appreciate Read More

Back to School Tips and Ideas

Hi Everyone! Few more weeks before the school opening. I believe some of the states started as early as July. As a Mom, it is really something that we need to prepare and plan ahead. It can be daunting especially if you don't have anybody to assist you with your kids. Mommies ready for it Read More

Top 10 Post Features from PIMH#19

Hi Friends, WE are here once again to give you our Top 10 Post Features from PIMH#19. Without further ado, let's visit each featured post. CO- HOST  Gosia of Kiddie Foodies Gosia's Favorite Posts --------------------- I love avocado and this recipe sounds delicious! Baked Avocados Recipe by: Leslie of Lamberts Lately Such a yummy cheesecake, one Read More

Hilarious Dogs

Hey, hey Happy Monday everyone! It is time to take our all organic and natural medicine - laughter. I have found some hilarious dogs images that will totally crack you up. They are so darn cute. Love them. Enjoy!   source:  source source source source source source source I hope you enjoyed today's featured hilarious dogs Read More

Live! Pin It Monday Hop#20

 Welcome to Pin It Monday Hop#20!   Oh August is here! And what a better way to start this month with hilarious quotes from some famous people.  Sometimes the road less travelled is less travelled for a reason. - Jerry Seinfeld All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height. - Casey Stengel You Read More

40 Annoying Things Women Do To Men

// // // I have been reading a lot of complaints about how our husband annoy us and I am pretty sure we can list more than 10 in less than a minute. But today, I am going to share 40 Annoying Things women do to men. I have asked some friends (single and married Read More

Free Blog Planner II

Hello Friends, I am excited to let you know that I have added 2 new sheets in my first blog planner. You can read about my first free blog planner here. Password and Username Sheet. This is very useful to me as I tend to forget my passwords and usernames easily. I have about 26 Read More

July Newsletter

We have just released our July Newsletter!  We just thought of sharing it to all of you just in case you missed some post from the past. How time flies when you are having fun! I can't wait to welcome August. Featured Post: 10 Beautiful Small Spaces I’ll be sharing more about home inspiration in Read More

Free Image Background III

Hello Friends! We have new image backgrounds just for you! Not just 1 but 9 image backgrounds for you to enjoy. The nicest thing about this is that it is all yours. I have been working on patterns and trying hard to decipher the world of pattern designing. I am having fun creating with patterns Read More

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! Thank you so much for checking out our Top 10 Post Features from Pin It Monday Hop #18.  We appreciate and grateful for joining the party. It has been an awesome and fun adventure checking every post  that were submitted last week. Without further ado, here are our favorite posts... CO- Read More

Funny Images

Alright Friends it is another week of sharing some laugh. I just love what I found and can't wait to share it with all of you. Enjoy the funny images below. Share it in twitter, FB, or Google + if these really made you laugh. (source) This is the moment when your cat wants to Read More

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