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Principles of PageRank (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hello! Good day my Friends! Lately, I have been receiving quite a number of spam comments. As what I know, this will hurt your site ranking. Even though my page rank as of the moment is 0/10 but I am serious of getting a higher Page Rank. I am now Read More

Stalking Thursday #5

Hello! Good day my Friends and welcome again to my Stalking episode. I am stalking these two the whole night. Friends, let us meet Ansley of Vivaciously Vintage. She is very talented. I love how she painted her furnitures and she also have tutorials of her creations. I find her creations unique and beautiful. You can go Read More

10 Blue and Red Room Inspiration

10 Blue and Red Room Inspiration

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Don’t forget to smile #4

Oh boy, Monday needs some good laugh, right?cool fb profile, agree? aa--ooo---uuu---cccc--hhh-- LOL. I am like this sometimes... It soo cute... Admit it, you were like this yesterday. all photos via I hope you have a good laugh. Be inspired, be motivated.Judy If you don't want to miss a post, you can always follow me by Read More

1 minute Headband Make-over

Hello! Good day and Viva Pit Senyor to all my Friends in Cebu! I wish I am there right now. The weather here in Singapore is cloudy and a little cold (26 deg, light rain). I say cold because we usually get 30-32 deg. I see that Cebu has a very nice weather. Enjoy the  parade Read More

10 Gray Rooms Inspiration Part 2

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Hello Lovely Readers! Happy Thursday! I realized that I have lots of viewers coming from this post Gray Room Inspiration Part 1. I reviewed it and noticed that I only featured quite few. I want to share more photos for you to enjoy. Gray is a beautiful color that goes well with white, silver, brown Read More

5 Realities of Blogging + Blog Tips

Good day my precious Friends! I want to share the realities behind every blog post you read and what it is like to have a blog. Previously, I don't regularly update my blog. I come and go in the blog world. This year I want to take my blog to the next level. So, here Read More

Sinulog Festival + Tips

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2nd Grand Prize Winner - Dan Douglas Ong   "Sinulog is a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Nino. The dance moves to the sound of the drums and this resembles the current (Sinulog) of what was then known as Cebu's Pahina River. Thus, in Cebuano, they say it's Sinulog." Read More

Stalking Thursday # 4

Hello! Good day my Friends!It has been quite a while I have not stalk a blogger. Although, I visit blogs and followed a lot of bloggers but not stalk like I used to be :) These ladies are very talented in baking, crafting, diy and more. Let's get started shall we?I am stalking  Anne from Read More

Peach Room Inspiration

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Hello! Happy Tuesday! Another Color Inspiration my Friends! Its Peach. Just an observation, the color peach goes well with blue, gold, white, orange, green and light brown. - it is gentle and soft -  In Chinese Civilization, Peach color represents immortality because of the Peaches of Immortality.   The Feast of Peaches. Taken at Chin Read More

21 Reminders from your Child

Hello! Good day my Friends! A lot of us are parents and I know what it feels especially when we sometimes don't understand the behavior of our kids. Also, we are very concern and anxious about how to discipline them, ensuring that they will they grow into a fine adult.  Sometimes we feel that we don't Read More

Happy 2013 Everyone!!!Let us start the year with smile on our faces...Just make sure not to loose a tooth or more.  source sourceThink BIG. source source    sourceCars?!  sourceAnybody careS to take the challenge?   source count me in..  Worth sharing..sourceDFTS #1DFTS#2If you have anything funny to share, feel free to contact me. No adult content please. Until then Read More

2013 Colour of the Year/ Year of the Snake

How's your New Year preparation so far? As usual, we are busy cleaning and preparing some yummy food for later. I am hearing some firecrackers even if its still morning of Dec. 31.Anyway, I have for you today is the 2013 color of the year and some famous celeb born in year of the Snake Read More

Christmas in our Hearts

It is very fortunate of us to spend Christmas with family and relatives. It is not always that we can come home for Christmas. The good thing, Singapore is just a 3.5 hr plane ride to Cebu, Philippines. Allow me to share with you some of our traditions. In Philippines, singing Christmas songs from house to Read More

Looking back at 2012

2012 has been a fruitful and blessed year for us. Of course, there were problems along the way but nothing BIG.     Before the big day, We manage to travel to Genting, Malaysia. The place is cold all year round. Great view and it was amazing to be in a theme park on top of the Read More

$10 or less Christmas Gift Ideas

5 more days to go till Christmas. Advance Merry Christmas to all! Are you done with your shopping? Still looking for items that are within budget?  You read it right! Just $10 or less. Isn't it great?! I have here some Christmas gift ideas I picked. Most of these items are on promotion up to 87% off. Hurry, before Read More

7 Green Room Inspiration

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Hello! Good day my Friends! I feel like I wanted to be in a space where I can have a sense of peace. It is not like we are having war in our home.  Just a space to relax and color Green is perfect for my mood today. Green Color is obviously the color of Read More

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