Pin It Monday Hop #51

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Good day Friends! I know, I know this party is once again late. I have been out with the kids and some dose of laziness struck me this week. It's like I just want to lay down on our bed and do nothing. Do you know Bruno Mars song "The Lazy Song"? Also, I made Read More

IKEA Singapore Tour

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Hi Friends! Today, I'll be touring you around in Ikea Tampines Singapore. There are only 2 branches of Ikea in Singapore. One in Alexandra and the second is Tampines. We prefer going to Tampines Branch because it is bigger and more products available. Aside from that it is near our area. I won't be talking Read More

Pin It Monday Hop #50 Plus a Tour in Ikea

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WELCOME FRIENDS TO PIN IT MONDAY HOP #50 We are now back in Singapore.  It is nice to be back to a place we consider our 2nd home. We've been to few places already and one of my must see place is Ikea Tampines. Who doesn't love IKEA? How many of you got lost in Read More

More than 100 Tried and tested Yummy Dessert

100+ Tried and Tested Dessert Recipes by Bloggers Who wants some uber-yumminess dessert for dinner/ lunch/ maybe breakfast? I heard you and I want some too. I just love a yummy dessert every after meal but that would really spike my calorie diet. We have compiled another list of recipes that are tried and tested Read More

Pin It Monday Hop #49 + Features

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Good Day Friends! Wow! How time flies that I forgot it's already Monday. It's time for our party! It has been pretty hectic behind this blog. Hubby decided to make our flight going to Singapore a month early than what was originally booked. So, I am in packing and cleaning mode. Then, I spent bonding Read More

5 Things You Didn't Know Your Stairs Could Do 4

Good day Friends! I have been meaning to write something about stairs and Jessica came in perfect timing. She's a God-sent. Jessica is a writer and design enthusiast who loves researching home decorating trends and space saving ideas. Jessica is going to share some amazing tips  about what stairs could do. Friends, let's welcome Jessica. -----------------------------------------  Though Read More

Pin It Monday Hop #48

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Welcome to Pin It Monday Hop#48! Good day my friends! I really miss all of you. We had internet connection problem. It felt annoying during the first week then on the second week I got used to being disconnected. It felt good to be away for sometime though :) I got to finished some of Read More

I’m Back! House Purchase Update

Unit 1 La Paloma Facade

Good day to all my friends! I really miss you all. I was out of internet connection for 2 weeks! I am very excited to share with you our house hunting update. Remember my post "Should we buy the Duplex or the vacant lot? {Thanks to all who commented there. I really appreciate all your Read More

Pin It Monday Hop #47

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Welcome to Pin It Monday Hop#47 We got sick last week. The 3 of us (Me and kids) had vomiting and diarrhea. But we are all fine and good now. We really didn't know the cause. It could be the food or water. I'm glad to be back partying with you all :) Rules? There’s Read More

10 Smart Solutions for Small Rooms

10 Smart Solutions for Small Rooms

10 Smart Solution for Small Rooms Hi Friends, Some of you noticed that I have been quite last week. We've been on property hunting. Oh boy! I never thought it would be this stressful.  We have short listed 1 Duplex House (71 sqm) and 1 vacant lot (142 sqm). Did you miss my post Should Read More Alternative to Google Adsense Alternative to Google Adsense

Since I changed my country address from Singapore to Philippines, I have to close my existing Google Adsense. I tried re-applying but they rejected my application several times even though I was an existing publisher. I was so frustrated and sad. I have tried other advertising platform but it turned out not earning any for Read More

Funny Valentine’s Pick-up Lines

Funny Valentine's Pick-up Lines

Now that Valentine's day is just a couple of days from now. We thought we'll give you some funny Valentine's Pick-up lines that you can share with your special someone. It may sound cheesy or corny but definitely both of you will smile or laugh even. Isn't that nice? Plus some romantic movie funny dialogue Read More

Pin It Monday Hop #46 plus Features

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WELCOME TO PIN IT MONDAY HOP#46 PLUS FEATURES This came in so late my Friends, I hope you'll still link-up your projects :) We have a problem and we want your help. You can help us with our decision, please read and comment at Should We Buy the Duplex house or Vacant Lot? I apologize Read More

Should we buy the Duplex or Vacant Lot?


It has been a very busy week. We are on the hunt for our first home. Oh boy! there are so many things that we should learn and understand. Things that we have to consider and making sure that the property is worth every penny.  We need your help. This is the scenario: We found Read More

Love Coups Give-away!


There is nothing more special than spending time together. is a new twist to the traditional love coupon. The LoveCoups character creator allows the user to edit their own characters to illustrate the book. With over 200 coupons, you can select 20 of your favorites. We print, bind and ship books anywhere in the Read More

Pin It Monday Hop #45

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WELCOME TO PIN IT MONDAY HOP#44 Jan 1 –  11th:  Winners announced Jan. 12 (finished) Jan 12 – 18th:  Winners announced Jan. 19 (finished) Jan 19 – 25th:  Winners announced Jan. 26 (finished) Jan 26 –  Feb 1St:  Winners announced Feb 2 (finished) Hosted by:     Facebook Bloglovin' Twitter Pinterest Facebook Google+ Twitter Pinterest Twitter Bloglovin' Pinterest Read More

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Welcome our Weekly Top 10 plus Most clicked Blog Post from Pin It Monday Hop Party! There are more than 200 entries from the previous party and we are thankful for everyone who linked-up their projects. We hope to see you all again in our next party that will be open on Sunday @ 5pm Read More

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